"How does he DO that? Can anyone learn Ventriloquism?"

With Pete Michaels

Celebrating our 26th Anniversary As The FIRST
Video Home-Study Course On Ventriloquism!


This Course Was Used To Help Teach Academy Award Winning Actor Adrien Brody Ventriloquism Basics For The Feature Film "Dummy!"

Adrien Brody & Pete With "Friends"

The first Video home-study course on the art of Ventriloquism.

Since its introduction in 1981, this revolutionary course has been used by 
thousands of Ventriloquists world wide!!

You'll learn:

The History Of Ventriloquism - The Position Of The Mouth

The Simple & Advanced Alphabets - Ventriloquial Voices

Figure Manipulation - And Much More!!

If you've ever wanted to learn Ventriloquism, this is for you!!

 Here's What the Pros Have To Say:

"You are an excellent ventriloquist - performer. Your singing voice for the Pavarotti figure is magnificent and the idea is ingenius.
Your good friend.... Winch (Tigger)"

Paul Winchell- Legendary Ventriloquist And Voice Of Tigger

"This video by Pete Michaels was the very first ventriloquist instructional video and is still one of the best. Michaels does an outstanding job of explaining the techniques and demonstrating them in his entertaining, professional style. I especially enjoy his teaching of the art of manipulation, the secret of creating life-like character and personality in the puppet. And the various bits about ventriloquism history presented on the video are a fascinating bonus!"

Clinton Detweiler- Maher Studios

"Pete Michaels was the first to come out with a Ventriloquism Course on Video and it has taught countless people the techniques and art of vent. His ideas and contributions to the world of vent. continue to surprise us every year."

Steve Axtell- Axtell Expressions

 "Pete's video tape really has it all! Great information.. exceptional camera work.. and the experience of a seasoned pro who is willing to share his techniques. Wow! I wish there was something like this around when I got started doing vent."

Mark Wade- The Kids Show Pro

"It's one of the best training tools for ventriloquists available today!"

Jim Barber- Jim Barber's Unique Comedy

Also Available For Ventriloquists:
"What To Do If The String Breaks!"

What To Do If The String Breaks!

You're all set to perform with your figure and suddenly you realize....

The dummy's string is broken!
The mouth is stuck!
The wig is falling off!
He's missing an eye!
He has a nick in his paint job!

Well, you know the rest.

With this new DVD you can learn how having the RIGHT TOOLS can solve such minor emergencies.
This DVD covers all aspects of emergency figure/puppet repair and was used in Pete's workshop at the
Vent Haven Convention!

Order one or both today!

Send check or money order for $25.00 complete for each DVD to:

Pete Michaels
P.O Box 140351
Staten Island, NY 10314-0351

Please Allow 6 weeks for delivery.

*May not be compatible with some older DVD players.

Private Lessons Available